皇冠登录线路:Vehicle sales down 42% on chip shortage

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Headwinds ahead: In this file photo, workers are seen cutting apart a rubber truck tire outside a workshop in Hanoi. The auto market is seen to undergo a challenging period in sales in the remaining months of this year. — AFP

HANOI: The Vietnam Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (Vama) has announced that its members sold 25,159 vehicles in June.

This was down 42% from May ending three consecutive months of gains.

Businesses blamed the decrease on the global semiconductor crisis and the lack of chips, as well as the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the political situation in some regions.

The figure included 17,826 passenger cars, down 49%; 6,821 commercial vehicles, down 14%, and 512 special-purpose vehicles, plunging 24% month-on-month.

Of the sold units, 11,044 were domestically assembled cars, a drop of 57%, while the other 14,115 were imported, down 23% from the previous month.

During the first half of this year, Vama members sold 201,840 units, rising 34% year-on-year.

Sales of passenger cars surged 50% to 157,935, while those of commercial vehicles were down 5% to 40,498, and special-purpose vehicles up 12% to 3,407.


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Among non-Vama members, TC Motor supplied 36,397 vehicles to the market.

Its factory in the northern province of Ninh Bình only managed to meet a fraction of demand, while VinFast sold 14,695 automobiles in the six months, it said.

Toyota Vietnam topped the list of sellers in June with 5,179 units.

It was followed by TC Group, Mitsubishi Vietnam, Ford Vietnam, Thaco Mazda and Honda Vietnam.

Minh Thang, a car trader in Hànoi, predicted that the domestic auto market would undergo a challenging period in sales in the remaining months of this year.

Between January and June, the country imported over 63,730 cars worth some US$1.6bil (RM7.12bil), down 21.4% in volume and 14.4% in value year-on-year, according to data from the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

Last year, Vama members’ sales fell by 8% to 296,634 units as the Covid-19 pandemic battered the economy, hitting people’s incomes and discretionary spending. — Viet Nam News/ANN

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